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Welcome to Quotey Quotes! Just about everyone knows what is meant by the word quote or quotation and most of us know at least one quote and probably a lot more. Not only that but we all tend to use them.

A dictionary defines it as follows:

quote v [kwəut]
To repeat the exact words of a person as they were said or written.

One of the founders of this site has a background as a journalist and copy editor. An editor she once worked for was in the habit of asking writers to “Be sure to get a quotey quote,” from an interview; in other words a quote that would grab people’s attention, and would bring more depth and meaning to the news story.

quotey quote n [kwəute kwəut]
A quotation that is interesting and has some meat to it, often to be used in a newspaper story.


Quotey Quotes
We have collected quotes and quotations for years, separately and together, and it is now our pleasure to share them with you. On occasion you may find contemporary quotes from public figures which may be of use to journalists and bloggers; this is one small part of the aim of this site. For the most part, however, our purpose is to share thought provoking, interesting quotes, which will at times make you stop and think, or to think differently.

We are all in this life together, and we believe that quotations from people across the world - past and present - help make that simple fact more apparent.

We are likely to be adding to this website periodically for the rest of our lives and we already have over 25,000 quotes! So bookmark us and come back often.

We have over 25,000 quotes in over 200 different categories. We are also working on a quotes by author section, which will have over 200 different authors initially. Unlike most web sites which utilize a dynamic driven database all our quotes have been manually sorted so that they fall in categories that actually make sense! Famous and not so famous, well known and not so well known quotes from books, movies, life, radio, TV, newspapers, songs, speeches and more. Thought-provoking, funny, cute, inspirational, and sad. Read them purely for your own enjoyment or use them on MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter or similar web sites, or wherever you want.

If you have a great quotey quote which you don’t see in our collection, feel free to send it to us!


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PLEASE NOTE: To all our visitors - We are still working on Quotey Quotes. We have not submitted it to the search engines but lo and behold somehow it's ended up in there anyway! The first stage of our web site is now finished and the second stage is on schedule for the end of Seoptember. We add quotes every single day.

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