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Quotes By Fran Lebowitz

Famous Quotes & Quotations By Fran Lebowitz:

As a teenager you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes, Social Studies - Category: Teenagers, Telephones.

Ask your child what he wants for dinner only if he's buying.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes, Social Studies - Category: Parents, Children.

Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Children.

Girls who put out are tramps. Girls who don't are ladies. This is, however, a rather archaic usage of the word. Should one of you boys happen upon a girl who doesn't put out, do not jump to the conclusion that you have found a lady. What you have probably found is a Lesbian.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Homosexuality.

Humility is no substitute for a good personality.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Humility.

If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater... suggest that he wear a tail.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Animals, Clothes.

Large, naked raw carrots are acceptable as food only to those who lie in hutches eagerly awaiting Easter.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Food.

My favorite animal is steak.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Animals, Food.

The telephone is a good way to talk to people without having to offer them a drink.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Telephones.

Vegetables are interesting but lack a sense of purpose when unaccompanied by a good cut of meat.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Food.

Very few people possess true artistic ability. It is therefore both unseemly and unproductive to irritate the situation by making an effort. If you have a burning, restless urge to write or paint, simply eat something sweet and the feeling will pass.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Art.

Violet will be a good color for hair at just about the same time that brunette becomes a good color for flowers.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Teenagers.

When it comes to sports I am not particularly interested. Generally speaking, I look upon them as dangerous and tiring activities performed by people with whom I share nothing except the right to trial by jury.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes - Category: Sport.

Your responsibility as a parent is not as great as you might imagine. You need not supply the world with the next conqueror of disease or major motion-picture star. If your child simply grows up to be someone who does not use the word "collectible" as a noun, you can consider yourself an unqualified success.
~ Fran Lebowitz Quotes, Parental Guidance, Social Studies, 1981 - Category: Parents.

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