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Quotes By Author

This is our "Quotes By Author" section and there are over 200 authors to choose from. Some people have been credited with more than a single quote and it's interesting to see what else they are credited for. Simply find the one that interests you and click on the link. You will then be taken to all the quotes/quotations relevant to the author you have chosen.


A - Quotes By:    
Adams, Douglas Amos, Tori  
Adams, Jessi Lane Arouet, François-Marie (Voltaire)  
Agar, Herbert    
Alauda, Astrid    
Allen, Woody    

B - Quotes By:    
Barrie, J.M. Billings, Josh Bruce, Lenny
Barrymore, John Blessington, Countess of Burke, Edmund
Baruch, Bernard M. Blessington, Lady  
Bernstein, Leonard Borland, Hal  
Bierce, Ambrose Brault, Robert  

C - Quotes By:    
Caesar, Julius Cicero, Marcus Tullius Coolidge, Calvin
Camus, Albert Clarke, Arthur C. Cosby, Bill
Capote, Truman Clinton, Bill Crisp, Quentin
Carroll, Sidney Cocteau, Jean  
Chavez, Cesar Coleridge, Samuel Taylor  
Chesterton, G.K. Confucius  
Churchill, Winston Cooley, Mason  

D - Quotes By:    
da Vinci, Leonardo Dijkstra, Edsger W.  
de la Rochefoucauld, François Duchovny, David  
de Saint-Exupéry, Antoine    
de Tocqueville, Alexis    

E - Quotes By:    
Einstein, Albert    
Eliot, T.S.    
Emerson, Ralph Waldo    
Engelbreit, Mary    

F - Quotes By:    
Farmer, James Fuller, Buckminster  
Fields, W.C. Fuller, R. Buckminster  
Fitzgerald, F. Scott    
Freud, Sigmund    
Franklin, Benjamin    

G - Quotes By:    
Gandhi, Mahatma Gardiner, Marguerite  
Gibran, Kahlil Gyllenhaal, Jake  
Galilei, Galileo    

H - Quotes By:    
Haines, Edison Hubbard, Elbert  
Heinlein, Robert A. Hugo, Victor  
Hitler, Adolf Hutchins, Robert Maynard  
Holmes Jr, Oliver Wendell Huxley, Aldous  
Holmes Sr, Oliver Wendell    

I - Quotes By:    
Irving, Washington    

J - Quotes By:    
Jefferson, Thomas    
John, Elton    
Johnson, Samuel    
Jonson, Ben    
Jung, Carl    

K - Quotes By:    
Kennedy, John F.    
Kettering, Charles F.    
King Jr, Martin Luther    
Kuriyama, Chiaki    

L - Quotes By:    
Latet, Carrie Lincoln, Abraham  
Lebowitz, Fran Love, Jason  
Lessing, Doris    
Lewis, C.S.    
Lieberman, Gerald    

M - Quotes By:    
McLaughlin, Mignon    
Milne, A.A.    
Mother Teresa    
Muggeridge, Malcolm    

N - Quotes By:    
Nietzsche, Friedrich    
Nicholson, Jack    

O - Quotes By:    
Obama, Barack    
Orwell, George    

P - Quotes By:    
Parton, Dolly    
Picasso, Pablo    
Pound, Ezra    
Pratchett, Terry    
Priestley, J.B.    

Q - Quotes By:    

R - Quotes By:    
Rogers, Will    
Roosevelt, Franklin D.    
Roosevelt, Theodore    
Russell, Bertrand    

S - Quotes By:    
Sagan, Françoise Stevenson, Robert Louis  
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus    
Shakespeare, William    
Shaw, George Bernard    
Spurgeon, Charles    

T - Quotes By:    
Tagore, Rabindranath    
Thoreau, Henry David    
Tolstoy, Leo    
Tomlin, Lily    
Twain, Mark    

U - Quotes By:    

V - Quotes By:    
Vidal, Gore    
Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet)    

W - Quotes By:    
Ward, Lalla Wolf, David T.  
Wells, H.G.    
West, Mae    
Wilde, Oscar    

X - Quotes By:    

Y - Quotes By:    

Z - Quotes By:    

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