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Pornography Quotes

Famous Quotes & Quotations About Pornography:

A widespread taste for pornography means that nature is alerting us to some threat of extinction.
~ J.G. Ballard, News from the Sun, Myths of the Near Future, 1982.

Erotica is simply high-class pornography; better produced, better conceived, better executed, better packaged, designed for a better class of consumer.
~ Andrea Dworkin.

Erotica is using a feather, pornography is using the whole chicken.
~ Isabel Allende.

Obscenity is whatever gives the Judge an erection.
~ Author Unknown.

Pornography is about dominance. Erotica is about mutuality.
~ Gloria Steinem.

Pornography is supposed to arouse sexual desires. If pornography is a crime, when will they arrest makers of perfume?
~ Richard Fleischer.

Pornography is the attempt to insult sex, to do dirt on it.
~ D.H. Lawrence.

The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting.
~ Gloria Leonard.

We think fast food is equivalent to pornography, nutritionally speaking.
~ Steve Elbert.

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