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Speed Quotes

Famous Quotes & Quotations About Speed:

A living system cannot replicate at the speed of light.
~ Tony Follari.

A meeting moves at the speed of the slowest mind in the room. In other words, all but one participant will be bored, all but one mind underused.
~ Dale Dauten.

America is a country that doesn't know where it is going but is determined to set a speed record getting there.
~ Laurence Peter.

Be wise with speed; a fool at forty is a fool indeed.
~ Edward Young.

Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.
~ David Glasgow Farragut.

Every car has a lot of speed in it. The trick is getting the speed out of it.
~ A J Foyt.

I am not a speed reader. I am a speed understander.
~ Isaac Asimov.

If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn't need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.
~ Jim Rohn.

If you have to choose between power and speed and it often turns out you have to make that choice, you've got to go for speed.
~ Sparky Anderson.

In political combat, as in speed contests among horses, the outcome becomes doubtful only after the entry of the second contestant.
~ Warren Burnett.

Nothing in the universe can travel at the speed of light, they say, forgetful of the shadow's speed.
~ Howard Nemerov.

Speed is a great asset; but it's greater when it's combined with quickness - and there's a big difference.
~ Ty Cobb.

The backbone of surprise is fusing speed with secrecy.
~ Karl Von Clausewitz.

The base paths belonged to me, the runner. The rules gave me the right. I always went into a bag full speed, feet first. I had sharp spikes on my shoes. If the baseman stood where he had no business to be and got hurt, that was his fault.
~ Ty Cobb.

The capacity of sporting journalists to wax lyrical in the face of the exceptional is matched only by the speed with which they run out of adjectives in doing so.
~ Derek Malcolm.

The players who were great in their prime, well, they're still great. They might have lost a little of the power and speed, but their ball striking and technique is as good as ever.
~ Jeremy Bates.

The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.
~ Mary Kay Ash.

The world land speed record requires the minimum of skill, and the maximum of courage.
~ Tommy Wisdom.

There is more to life than just increasing its speed.
~ Mahatma Gandhi Quotes.

There's a plane flying over me and I'm looking forward to being able to relax and not worry about the weather or boat speed.
~ Ellen MacArthur.

Unsafe at any speed
~ Ralph Nader, Book Title.

Wealth and speed are what the world admires, what each pursues. Railways, express mails, steamships and every possible facility for communications are the achievement in which the civilized world view and revels, only to languish in mediocrity by that very fact. Indeed, the effect of this diffusion is to spread the culture of the mediocre.
~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

We've got great speed in the team, not just Gary Speed, but great speed!
~ Bobby Robson.

What good is speed if the brain has oozed out on the way?
~ Karl Kraus.

When I was with Steve, we reckoned we could get up to top speed in about a month.
~ Matthew Pinsent.

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